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Welcome to your latest update from the GLA Conservative Group in the London Assembly. 

Today we're releasing our new report, Highway Robbery: The Case Against Road Pricing in London, which lays out why it is clear that the current Mayor might want to introduce road pricing to London and explains why this would be a huge mistake for London.

During Khan’s mayoralty, TfL’s operational deficit has soared – although short-term cuts helped to avoid it reaching £1 billion last year, it is expected to top £897 million this year – and its debt has climbed to an eye-watering £11 billion.

This has had a hugely damaging impact on London’s transport network. Over the past three years, Londoners have seen vital Tube upgrades delayed, station improvements put on hold and pro-active road maintenance has been cancelled.

There are a whole host of actions Khan could take that would contribute towards solving TfL’s money troubles. For example, he could cut costs by taking on the militant transport unions by seeking to ban strikes on the tube, or he could abandon the economic illiteracy of his partial fare freeze which has cost TfL upwards of £640 million in lost income during his mayoralty, or he could end the scandal of offering free travel to friends and partners of TfL employees. But he has done none of these things. Instead, the Labour Mayor appears to be eyeing up London’s motorists for what could be the biggest cash grab by any Mayor in London, ever.

Left-wing politicians have been pushing Khan to consider road pricing for some time, and earlier this year the Centre for Economics and Business Research investigated the issue and proposed charging motorists 8p per mile in London. Taking this proposal, the average driver in London would be handed an additional £519 bill each year on top of the £731 they currently pay in motoring taxes.

By drawing attention to his plans now, my London Assembly colleagues and I hope to put pressure on him to rule out this damaging suggestion. If he won’t do so, at the very least he should be open about his intentions and make clear in his manifesto that he hopes to introduce road pricing should he be re-elected as Mayor. That way Londoners will know that if they wish to avoid having their freedom taxed by being charged for every single mile they drive, they need to elect Shaun Bailey in 2020 and vote Conservative in the GLA elections.

Latest News From The London Assembly

In the past two weeks, your GLA Conservative Assembly Members have uncovered just how out-of-touch Sadiq Khan is after the Mayor insisted that London was safer on his watch; forced TfL to alter their confusing junk food ad ban rules after Andrew Boff took the Mayor to task during Mayor's Question Time; called for those who oppose Heathrow's expansion masterplan to get involved in the consultation.

Coming up, we will be preparing for next month's Mayor's Question Time and preparing our next report. To see our latest news as it happens follow us on Twitter or find us on Facebook.

Gareth Bacon AM
Leader, GLA Conservatives

Watch Sadiq Khan Claim London Is Safer On His Watch

Sadiq Khan insisted London was safer on his watch despite crime soaring on his watch. The Mayor made the claim when Gareth Bacon AM gave him the facts: "Gun crime is up, knife crime is up, rape is up, taking motor vehicle offences is up, residential burglary is up, knife crime with injury is up, knife crime with injury and robbery is up and you think honestly that London is more safe now then when you took over as Mayor?” Mayor Khan said: “Yes I do.” Watch the exchange here.

New Report - Highway Robbery: The Case Against Road Pricing In London

Our latest report by Gareth Bacon AM, Highway Robbery, looks at why the Mayor is gearing up to introduce a per mile road charge in London. Sadiq Khan sees motorists as a cash cow - and one he intends to milk for all it is worth to fix the damage he's done to TfL's finances. The charge could cost Londoners an extra £519 per year to drive on our city's roads. The Mayor needs to be honest and say if he's in favour of it, or rule it out. Download the full report here.

Junk Food Ad Ban Amended After Boff's MQT

Andrew Boff AM took the Mayor to task after his junk food ad ban allowed KFC fried chicken and other fast food burgers to be advertised on the tube but forced TfL to remove its own poster for depicting strawberries and cream. The virtue signalling ban costs TfL an estimated £25 million in lost advertising revenue when the Mayor only spends half a million on proven initiatives to combat childhood obesity. Since the MQT exchange the Evening Standard revealed that TfL have updated six of the ten advertising rules. Read the full story here. 

Heathrow Revealed Its Expansion "Masterplan"

Heathrow has revealed its masterplan for expanding which will see South West London disrupted for the next 30 years as rivers are diverted, roads are moved and the M25 is rerouted. The GLA Conservatives remain steadfast in opposition to a third runway at Heathrow and Tony Arbour AM has encouraged all those who oppose the plans to respond to the consultation.

More Culture Spending Or Extra Police Officers?

On Sunday Politics, Andrew Boff AM said the Mayor isn't doing enough to tackle violent crime after Khan chose to almost double culture spending instead of funding an extra 183 police officers. Labour Assembly Member Tom Copley defended Khan saying that the extra £11 million for fashion and film in London helps keep Londoners safe. Labour have the wrong priorities for London, the GLA Conservatives have shown the Mayor how if he cut his waste and spin he could save nearly £83 million to put an extra 1,378 cops on our streets.

Khan's Eco Hypocrisy

Revealed: Sadiq Khan's Deputy Mayor for Environment, Shirley Rodrigues, has racked up 54,000 air miles pumping out 14 tonnes of CO2 despite the Mayor declaring a climate emergency. 

The GLA Conservatives uncovered the Mayor and his team's hypocrisy after discovering the extent of Shirley Rodrigues travel. Since being appointed in 2016, Rodrigues has made numerous long-haul trips to far-flung destinations including Mexico City, Bengaluru, San Francisco and three trips to New York. It's one rule for Khan's team and another one for the rest of us.

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